> The shape of the wine glass is important for tasting wine
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The shape of the wine glass is important for tasting wine

Hank RuixinGlass 2019-03-08 14:40:14
Does the shape of the wine glass matter?

That's for sure! The same bottle of wine, drink with different glasses will have different feelings. Or, to put it more simply, drink directly from the bottle and then pour the wine into the glass, which is obviously more pleasant. This is the effect of the shape of the glass on the taste. In addition, different regions of the tongue have different sensitivity to taste. The most advanced taste area in the mouth of wine has certain influence on the taste of wine.

Knowing this, it is much easier to understand the three main factors in the design of a wine glass. The shape of the wall determines how the wine and aroma flow to the mouth. The size of the mouth affects the flow rate of the liquor and the taste area of the tongue.

A wine glass with a conical edge is designed to draw the wine towards the centre of the tongue, rather than to the acid sensitive sides. There are even theories that special designs can enhance or diminish the sense of smell by changing the Angle at which you tilt your head when drinking.