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How to choose a very good red wine glass?

Hank RuixinGlass 2019-03-13 16:27:31
How to choose a very good red wine glass?

1. Glass should be smooth and bright.

What is an important step in wine tasting? That is to observe the color of wine, a lot of people regard it as a process that enjoys very much, the colour and lustre of wine also can reflect the quality of wine to a certain extent, but if because red wine cup is not quite bright and bring about wine colour and lustre to reflect to have an effect on, such too not professional?

Therefore, when you choose a red wine glass, you must pay attention to the material of the red wine glass, at least it can be guaranteed to be smooth and bright. The effect of making wine glass with other colors or frosted materials is greatly reduced, so it is not recommended to choose it. Napa lead free crystal cups are a good choice

2. The size of the wine glass meets individual needs.

The glass should be large enough to hold a sufficient amount of wine and should have enough room to allow you to shake the glass gently without spilling it. It is important to shake the wine before tasting to release its aroma.

3. The cup must have a foot.

Red wine glasses on the market, regardless of shape, size must have a cup foot, mainly in order to ensure that the fingers can not touch the cup belly, ensure not to leave any fingerprints on the cup. Palm-to-tummy contact can raise the temperature of the wine, which is crucial for drinking under cool conditions.

4. The shape of the glass matters.

In addition to the above three points, the shape of the red wine glass is also very important. A good wine glass should have a conical upper part with a narrower mouth than the lower part. In this way, the shape of the wine glass is not only very artistic, but also very effective in practical use.

During the wine tasting, the aroma contained in the wine is usually released by shaking the wine. The conical design can make the aroma released from the wine more concentrated in the mouth of the cup, and the aroma will smell more intense.

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