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Lead - free crystal wine glass after 12 procedures

  • Author:Hank
  • Source:RuixinGlass
  • Release on:2019-03-08
Lead - free crystal wine glass, after 12 procedures

Wine glass, the bottom has a handle, the upper body is deeper than the wine cup, and more chubby wide. Mainly used for loading red wines and cocktails. The main material that red wine cup pledges has crystal and glass, the aroma that crystal cup and glass bring and mouthfeel can have slight difference, its reason basically is the coarse degree of both surface differs and cause.

Chinese name: Wine glass cup
Technology: artificial blowing and machine production
Used for: serving red wine
English name: Wine cup.
It has a handle at the bottom and a transparent body

The difference between manual blowing and machine blowing:

1. Appearance difference:
Mechanical products -- the basic products seen in the market are completely clear material products, single shape, less style, relatively bulky products, poor product flow linear, stiff cup and bottom joint transition, but the consistency of product size specifications is good, no bubbles and water ripples, poor fastness.

Artificial blowing products - Ming with all sorts of adornment material products, model change, rich colors and styles, the product is light, good product flow linear, pointedly aesthetic feeling, product design to follow the fashion market consumption, can give consumers more choice, can maximum limit satisfy personalized consumption argues that there are air bubbles and water ripple and good robustness. Handmade, the black and white dot that can have slight stripe and a few bubbles and change makings and adornment are slight difference, existence bubble and stripe also are one of important distinction of craft of artificial and mechanism glass, also be collector appraisal has the powerful evidence that collects value.

2. Differences in production process:
Mechanical products - machine production line, high output, usually a medium production line can reach tens of thousands or even tens of thousands of a day, but no artificial technology content.

Artificial blowing products - each product of each production link is completed by artificial, low output, usually each production team's daily output is several hundred, but each product contains the craftsman's unique skills and the power of elaboration.

3. Value differences:
Mechanism products - low value, more to meet the use of consumer functions, the lack of ornamental.

Artificial blowing products -- high value, in addition to the basic use function, in the use of the process, added a lot of pride, elegant, special life interest.

4. Market differences:
Mechanism products - mainly for group consumption occasions, low price.

Artificial blowing products - mainly for family consumption occasions, especially by the widely pursuit of personalized consumption, fashionable consumption groups.

5. Cup holder:
A flat holder allows the glass to stand upright without tipping over, especially when filled to the brim.

6. A cup of stem:
The stems are designed to keep the drinker's hands away from the tummy, to avoid staining the glass or to allow body temperature to raise the temperature of the drink.

7. Belly:
The tummy is probably the most important component of the glass and the most stylized. The shape and size of the tripe affect the concentration and distribution of aromas, the degree of ventilation, and the visual presentation of the wine.

8. Size:
Wine glasses come in many shapes and sizes, but a good rule of thumb is that they should be large enough to allow room to shake the glass without spilling, and that the aroma can flow out of the glass and converge.

9. Color:
Although colored or highlighted glasses are beautiful, the best are smooth and flat, and allow the beauty and fineness of the wine to be seen through the sides.

10. Close:
A good wine glass has a cut lip that feels smooth and does not block the flow of wine out of the glass. Avoid glasses with a rolled or uneven rim.

11. Material:
The main material that red wine cup pledges has crystal and glass, the aroma that crystal cup and glass bring and mouthfeel can have slight difference, its reason basically is the coarse degree of both surface differs and cause. Pass microscope to be able to observe, the concave and convex of the surface of crystal wants to compare glass much, more hang a cup, when using holding champagne wine, the expression of bubble can be more wonderful, at the same time the small concave and convex on cup-wall can retain these foam more abiding ground, this is the soul place of champagne wine.

12. The wine cup:
How full is the right pour? When dining in a restaurant, if you see the waiter with a full glass in front of you, don't think it is a kindness. It just means that the restaurant lacks the concept of wine. In fact, only champagne can be poured to the full. If what drink is white spirit, pour half cup to be ok at a time, if red wine, 1/4 was proper measure, pour too full will be unable to appreciate the fragrance of wine and color.

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