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Beautiful glasses are all "blowed out"

Beautiful glasses are all "blowed out" Say you may not believe that the artificial glass is "blowed" by people. After baking the original glass materi...

How to choose crystal cups and glasses?

Exquisite shape, light and translucent cup wall and crisp sound, plus "Crystal Cup Kiss", it is like a dreamy, cold and cold king, and it is our commo...

Eight big red wine glass brands, relying on them to improve the force!

Hero with BMW, good wine with good cup The world of wine, just collecting good wine is not enough It’s not enough, just see what cup you take out and...

Red wine glass culture

Red wine glass People who really drink know the importance of the glass. The color, aroma and taste of the wine vary with the shape, size and thicknes...

Do you know these beer jugs and beer glasses?

Do you know these beer jugs?Different types of wine require different shapes of wine glasses, and beer is no exception. The shape of the glass affects...

Do you know why people like to drink red wine from goblets?

In life, we can see the wine glass everywhere, but only wine, seems to become even open a tall glass can not drink a existence. So why do we drink win...

How to choose a very good red wine glass?

How to choose a very good red wine glass? 1. Glass should be smooth and bright. What is an important step in wine tasting? That is to observe the colo...

Pick up your red wine glass and take a step closer to the goddess

Pick up your red wine glass and take a step closer to the goddess The wine is romantic and noble, only the red wine can reflect the elegance and noble...
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Wine glass

Wine glass: 
The wine glass is called a goblet because of its slender base, but in fact, the goblet is just one of the wine glasses. In the wine culture, the wine glass is an important part of its indispensable. In the traditional Western view, choosing the right wine glass for the wine can help to better taste the wine. 

Red wine glass: 
The bottom of the red wine glass cup has a grip, and the upper body is more round and fat than the white wine cup. It is mainly used to hold red wine and cocktails made with it. The Burgundy red wine glass is a wide tulip cup at the bottom of the cup. 

White wine glass: 
The bottom of the cup has a grip. The upper body is longer than the red wine cup, and the curvature is larger, but the overall height is shorter than the red wine cup. Mainly used to hold white wine. In the white wine glass, the waist of the Burgundy white wine glass is slightly larger than that used for red wine, and it is full. 

Champagne cup: 
Tulip type, straight and slim, goblet.

Glass candle holder

Color candle holders, Candlestick holder,
Votive candle holder, Mercury glass candle, Glass candle jars

Ruixin Glassware Co., Ltd, Specializes in Manufacturing and Exporting all kinds of candle holders.

Main products are pressed light candles, Color candle holders, Candlestick holder,
Votive candle holder, Mercury glass candle, Glass candle jars,Golden candle holders and Candles used in bars.

Welcome to Buy the Quality Candle Holder & Glass Crafts from us and enjoy our good service and price.


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    Ruixin Glassware Factory is a professional glassware manufacturing enterprise, in China . Located in international produce base,Shenzhen,nearby Hongko...
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    Shenzhen Ruixin glassware factory is very professional,and have been in this field over 15 years. specialized in the product glassware,glass candle ho...

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