> Everyone knows wine glasses, but how much do you know about red/white wine glasses?
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Everyone knows wine glasses, but how much do you know about red/white wine glasses?

Thinkxing RuixinGlass 2018-04-26 15:38:50
Choosing a suitable wine glass can improve the visual effect and the aroma and taste of the wine; the degree of contact between the wine and the air is directly related to whether the drinker can enjoy this wine better.

In general, wine-makers will make different types of red wine glasses, white wine glasses, and champagne flute cups according to different types of wine and different requirements for oxidation and serving temperature.

The following bolger Red Wine Company's will introduce to you the specific difference between the white wine glass and red wine glass:

First, the composition and use of wine glasses

1, each wine cup is made up of 3 parts, namely cup body, cup ping and cup foot.

2, red wine glasses and white wine cups generally have different cups and cups.

3, the type of wine determines which type of wine cup should be used; when you start serving, you must grab the cup, so as not to fingerprint the cup body.

4, when drinking wine, according to the specific needs of the temperature to determine whether to hold the cup or cup.

Second, white wine, wine glasses

White wines do not need to be oxidized like red wines. White wines do not have the tannins of red wines, so the white wines taste sweeter and lighter.

This kind of flavor is best enjoyed after cooling down. The temperature around 7 degrees Celsius is just right. The lower temperature will lower the aroma of the wine and the richness of the taste. Therefore, the mouth of the white wine glass will be smaller and narrower.

Reduce the degree of exposure of the wine to air. Because of the ice temperature of the white wines, the glass cups need to be thicker and higher for the sake of the taster.

Third, red wine, wine glasses

1. During the red wine brewing process, red grapes are pressed with the skin. Some red grape varieties look red, but more varieties show blue hue.
Since most grape pulp is cyan, skin pressing can increase the polyphenols and tannins of the wine, giving the red wine its proper color and structure.
If red wine is exposed to the air for a long time, it will help eliminate the astringent feeling of tannins, giving the wine a soft and full flavor and aroma.

2. The sweet taste and aroma of red wine will be very obvious in a warmer environment, but if you drink red wine at a higher temperature, this wine will give people an unpleasant feeling.
When the red wine is removed from the cold cellar, it can be sobered for 20 minutes. You can also hold the red wine glass to increase the temperature of the wine; red wine is best served between 10 and 15 degrees Celsius.

3, red wine cup can make wine contact with more oxygen. They also have wider cups and shorter, rounder cups, which allow wines to reach the air more widely.

The cups of a red wine glass are usually longer, so that the taster can shake the wine before drinking to further oxidize it.
The action of shaking the glass can release the fragrance in the wine, so that the taster can smell more complex aroma.



Observing the color and stability of red wine is one of the most important aspects of increasing the wine tasting experience. Because the wine's "drink" ,this greasy droplets can show the sugar and alcohol content in the wine, can also spy out the quality and age of the wine from its color, so the red wine cup seems to need more transparency than High glass and crystal cups to dress.

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