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Taste the fair trade of red wine

Thinkxing Ruixinglass 2017-01-18 09:23:13


"Fair trade is not just coffee." South Africa's Thandi Winery is the world's first fairtrade-certified wine brand, from holding to operating, dominated by the disadvantaged black people that have been subjected to apartheid. In the operation, a certain percentage of the proceeds of the winery will be allocated to the community development fund to finance the education of the children of the black poor peasants. This year the village first college students will learn to return home service. Thandi in the local dialect meaning "nurture love", through the fair trade model, in addition to helping the poor farmers self-reliance, but also bring them education, knowledge and dignity.


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In the West Kowloon Waterfront is held in Hong Kong wine and wine food tours, national wine merchants are gathered in Hong Kong, the city held a number of wine tasting. Among the favorite is the Thandi from South Africa, because this wine is not only fresh fruit, there is a deep human touch.

The beauty of wine tasting, not only to enjoy the taste, but also to share between friends, Thandi itself is a story about sharing. Thandi was founded in 1995, by 250 farmers families, is still a small number of fully owned and operated by the black wineries, is the world's first fair trade certification of the wine brand.
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Fair trade certification is by no means as simple as a label, and Thandi managing director Vernon Henn explains that certified producers have strict criteria for purchasing raw materials from farmers, producing to profit sharing. Thandi is willing to pay 3,500 rand (about HK $ 3,127) for the purchase of a tonne of Merlot for 2,000 rand (about HK $ 1,787), and 50 euros (about HK $ 5,024) per tonne for the average producer. To the community development fund, 15 years to fund 250 farmers families of children from primary school, secondary school, this year the village just inside the first university graduate, read health care management, he will return to the village to take care of villagers health.

"We took the farmer to the winery in another area of ​​South Africa earlier to study and travel, how could they all give up the opportunity to travel to go to visit relatives, the original they have not left the countryside for decades." Vernon said Thandi cooperative family income From the previous 800 rand a month (about 715 Hong Kong dollars), to today's 2,500 rand (about 2,234 Hong Kong dollars), also brings education, knowledge and dignity.

Thandi annual output of 40,000 boxes, of which Bacheng sold to Europe, but in recent years, sales in Europe due to the European debt crisis plunged two percent, to the Asian market. Hong Kong's fair stack to obtain the agent Thandi, Hong Kong sales of red wine, liquor, rose sparkling wine, taste very good, priced more than 90 yuan, more than many unfair trade wine cheaper, worthy of support.