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How to choose a wine decanter

2017-10-19 09:31:00
Wake up decanter what exactly is it? In fact it is a container, used to separate the red wine aging equipment, waiter, decanter sounds good, anyway, is the same thing - Decanter. About 250 years ago, until today, the shape of the sober only minor changes. Although any kind of container can be used as wine containers, and for a long time, the material of the sober are made of inert materials, finished more belong to the more advanced glass containers. The market is full of different materials, the waiter, choose which is more suitable for sobering? Consider the following factors when considering the purchase:

how to choose a wine decanter

How to choose a decanter?

Basically, the waiter to glass, crystal material, there are a small number of metal materials made of the sober, but not suitable as a sobering device, if the metal surface is oxidized, may affect the smell of red wine, Leaving a metallic odor. Some of the sober to silver, gold material embedded in the waiter pouring the mouth of the position, this type of sober should also pay attention to clean and taste, use the first to gold, silver oil wipe, after the completion of remember to hot water, And then dry, maintenance up very troublesome, it is not recommended to use. The best awakening material does not need to be too much to show off, glass and crystal material of the sober is the best choice, sober is to enjoy the aroma of red wine, not to look at the gorgeous waiter to seductive.

Return to the original design and function of the sober, to explore its existence factors and the truth, can understand that this device was based on different alcohol, wine, is roughly divided into three uses. According to the shape, the first, chunky, rectangular, deformed these types of wokers, is used to hold spirits containers, such as cognac, Yama Yap brandy, or excellent texture of malt, vintage whiskey , Usually the container is also attached to a sealed homogeneous hijab to prevent alcohol from disappearing too fast. The second, the body with a short neck shape of the sober, designed for the year Port wine, sherry, Madila and the same type of enhanced red wine, as a decanter shift bottle for use. The third, the appearance of close to the bottle, at the same time have slender neck of the sober, is suitable for the use of red wine, such as Bordeaux, Burgundy wine. Each type of soaking device may have a change in shape, but the basic shape is still very easy to distinguish.

how to choose a wine decanter

The sober is a kind of container, the original purpose of this container is to decanter, sober is just another function used. Until today, sobering function with much more, decanter function with less, so many people are directly into the sober. The appearance of the sober can be said to be all kinds of strange, but summed up from the basic design style, the lower half there will always be a wider body, above the length of the neck, body or upright, or lying, Or oblique, and even recently there are heart-shaped tube in the sober listed, can be said that the shape of the pleasing, but for the awakening of the function should not be much change, one of the most obvious impact, rather that is awake time long With short. If the lower part of the body is narrow, the surface of the wine can touch the air part of the relatively small, so the time to sober up than the normal shape of the body slowly, usually used for vintage red wine; if the body below the body is very wide, The local big lot, so greatly reduce the time of sobering, set and wine age light red wine.

If you often buy expensive wine, buy a good sober is very necessary. In addition to the combination of crystal cups with this decorative effect, it is also important, its texture often determines the color of your wine in the first impression. Crystal luster and elegant lines, can make such a long waiting process has become full of good expectations.

how to choose a wine decanter

In general, the sommelier will recommend you to use the most traditional and real awakening, it is a bit like the laboratory of chemical equipment, large conical space can make the wine and air to get the most full contact, and smooth lines, More comfortable, but the awakening device in addition to practical products, but also decorations, so a variety of modeling awakening endless, they can make your tasting moment more interesting.

In addition to the traditional wakeers, there are also new types of fast awakening to choose from, the principle of this small wine is to make a larger area of wine and air contact to achieve the role of rapid sobering. It is said that every time the wine is passed through the quick awakening, it is about 45 minutes of sobering time, and for those who are valuable or eager to taste the wine, you can use it to save time.