> How To Wash Red Wine Glasses
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How To Wash Red Wine Glasses

2017-10-18 13:50:23
Usually the wine glasses are crystal cups, cleaning crystal red wine glasses need to pay attention to the first use when using vinegar or lemon juice to wash the product. After cleaning, in the lotion soak scrub, water rinse, drain on the cotton cloth, wipe with a clean fine silk before use. Do not use lemonade and other cleaning, because it will leave the aroma of lemon, and destroy the original flavor of red wine.

how to wash red wine glasses

Need to pay attention to cleaning, do not suddenly soak them in high temperature or low temperature of the water; do not wash the flat crystal cups folded together to avoid pressure and rupture; in the wash crystal glass, both can not use the machine to wash, Can not use the cleaning cloth scrub, hand cleaning is the best way; careful not to seize the glass handle to dry or clean, because the handle column easily in the case of force caused by fracture.

Expensive wine cups Proper cleaning method:

After the glass should be cleaned immediately after use, if you are tired or have a lot of untreated things, then the glass filled with water into the sink, so at least not to leave the wine attached to the cup.

Rinse with warm water, do not use hot water.

Cup filled with water, repeated shaking several times.

Wipe the lipstick with a soft towel gently.

Finally rinse with cold water, place a dry towel on the water for a minute.

Be sure to use a dry cotton texture or linen texture towel to wipe.

Wipe the glass, the left hand cup is low, gently wipe the right hand, because the glass is easy to break, should avoid the cup base.