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Company Went To The Hong Kong Exhibition And Convention Center To Arrange The Exhibition

Hong kong exhibition calendar 2017,Hong Kong exhibition held as scheduled, with years of experience in the exhibition RuixinGlass early to feel the exhibition center layout booth, yesterday the company early through the Shenzhen Yantian port after the exhibition went straight to the venue, the exhibition company prepared the most popular glassware , Such as red wine glass, fruit plate, whiskey cup, candlestick, etc.,

hong kong exhibition calendar 2017

The company attaches great importance to this exhibition, in the exhibition held a week before the beginning of the selection of different shapes and pieces of different products to ensure that the package, and this time to participate in the exhibition are also important employees of the company, their English said Of the very fluent in the company are the most qualified of the existence, and this team in addition to the rich salesman, even the company's vice president and the boss have to participate in the exhibition.

This is also the company to participate in the exhibition the sixth year, the most companies are through Alibaba and global resources and customer communication, and then have to find a new channel and user communication, in recent years the company received a lot from the show Foreign buyers, and most of the foreign buyers are very satisfied with us, the show is our suppliers and buyers the best way to communicate between the two sides can meet each other on the topic of the product.
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