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How is the cost of international shipping calculated

In the export trade, the selection of container type and the method of goods packing are very important for exporters to reduce freight expenses. The size and weight of the container, the loading, discharge and stack of the goods in the container have certain attention, and they need to be explored in practice. Then how much is the shipping fee calculated?


(I) basis of freight calculation;
Freight unit (Freight Unit) means the basic unit used by a shipping company to calculate freight charges. Because of the wide variety of goods, the packing situation is different, the method of shipment is different, the calculation of freight standards vary.
A FCL containers:
Container to freight unit, in SimTrade, there are two kinds of 20'container and 40' container. The effective volume of the 20'container is 25CBM, the weight limit is 17.5TNE, and the effective volume of the 40' container is 55CBM, and the weight limit is 26TNE, wherein 1TNE=1000KGS is the weight limit;
B lcl:
By the ship to charge a higher price for the quasi tariff, often note on M/W or R/T, said the company will ship the goods weight or volume of two tons of tons of freight to choose the higher calculation.

In LCL, the unit of freight is calculated as:
1, weight ton (Weight, Ton):
At the gross weight of the goods, one MT (1TNE=1000KGM) is one freight ton;
2, volume ton (Measurement, Ton):
According to the total gross volume of goods, a cubic meter (1 Cubic Meter), referred to as "1MTQ" or "1CBM" or "1CUM" (also known as "only one ton"), is a freight ton.
In the calculation of shipping time, the exporter first calculates the volume of the product according to the quoted quantity, and then finds the freight rate for the port of destination of the goods to be ordered. If the quantity is just enough installed FCL (20'container or 40' container), directly take the freight for basic freight; if not installed FCL, with the total volume of products (or the total weight, take more freight LCL) * price to calculate shipping costs.
(two) freight classification calculation method;
A FCL containers:
FCL freight is divided into three parts, the total freight fee and = three.
1, basic freight
The basic unit of basic freight freight FCL number = x
2, port surcharge
Port surcharge port surcharge * FCL = unit number
3. oil surcharge
Fuel surcharge = unit fuel surcharge * FCL number
B lcl:
LCL freight is only the basic freight, divided by volume and weight calculated in two ways
1, according to volume, X1= unit basic freight (MTQ) * total volume
2, by weight, X2= units basic freight (TNE) * gross weight
Take the larger one in X1 and X2

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