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Classification of candlesticks

2017-06-01 09:48:53
Candlestick according to material classification can be divided into iron candlestick, glass candlestick and ceramic candlestick

Different material Candlestick, different material Candlestick, with different decoration style, then the style of decoration is also completely different.

pink candle holders

Iron candlestick - iron candlestick, with its unique old style of consumer favorite, iron candlestick can be combined with glass or other materials, many decoration styles can be matched with iron candlestick. The iron candlestick can be placed in a lot of indoor space, placed in the living room, add a different kind of retro sense, put in the restaurant to increase the atmosphere of the meal, placed in the bedroom, add unique romantic atmosphere.

The glass candlestick glass candlestick because of the limitation of material, so in the display space above, mainly on the move and often do not block space, and in the above can be combined with other glass candlestick round three-dimensional geometric pattern, design exquisite curve edges and corners with clear lines, and now a lot of glass candlestick is used in the restaurant or in the bedroom.

yellow glass candle holder

The ceramic - Ceramic Candlestick candlestick is a traditional material holder, now a lot of ceramic Candlestick into the modern technique in the tradition, make ceramic Candlestick in the above other interesting, at present a lot of people in the purchase of candlestick, most people will choose ceramic holders, but as a ceramic candlestick and glass candlestick, be careful during use. When placed, do not place it where it is easy to touch. The ceramic candlestick can be chosen according to the style of the candlestick.