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Do you know what the regular size of whisky glasses

Good wine needs slow food. But any kind of wine, not only the wine itself, but also the appreciation of the wine glass. High quality whisky glass has a clean exterior, which gives the viewer a more direct view of the whiskey, which is as dazzling as gold.

etched whiskey glasses

The choice of whisky glasses is also exquisite. The choice of ordinary whisky and premium whisky is different. Generally speaking, the ordinary whisky glass cup placed outside, and the appearance of chunky, heavy material, suitable for balanced degree is low, stimulating higher whiskey, because this kind of low level whiskey need such a glass with heavy alcohol taste, and taste of whisky makes the gas directly emitted, but to highlight its characteristics. And the choice of high quality whisky glasses is subdivided.

etched whiskey glasses

The regular whiskey glass is 7 cm in diameter and 10 cm tall. Of course, there are some other unique whiskey glasses.
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