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Why most white wine in glass bottles

Biao 2016-09-18 10:01:54

  Many people think than ceramic bottle of liquor bottles more suitable for packaging, this idea of ​​the original wine storage is indeed the case, ceramics have no smell, strong absorption, regulate acid-base and mineralized water quality, easy thermal properties not only adsorption and decomposition of methanol and liquor fusel oil to improve the quality of the wine, but also of free chlorine in the water and impurities, organic matter, bacteria such as adsorption, decomposition.
glass bottle
  In addition, since the ceramic permeability stronger than glass, but has been characteristic of liquid gas, but also help the wine to breathe, Aging, aging, and the longer the storage time, the more fullness wine saturation. This is also a lot of wineries have wine with ceramic storage reasons.

  However, after the original wine for blending into the finished wine is concerned, in fact, can not. Because the taste and aroma of the finished wine Ceramic bottle is relatively large. Although short-term storage, ceramic bottle aging and is also conducive to the finished wine association of wine and drinking taste softer.

  But with the extension of shelf life of the finished wine, the ceramic will lead to some unique wine in lipid changes, the wine gradually become weak, bad taste is also becoming increasingly clear that gradually become uncoordinated, partial grid highlights the phenomenon, it will seriously affect consumer taste.

  And since the airtight glass bottle is better, this impact are minimal, and the high cost, it has become the darling of the hot liquor.