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Cheers Trump's red wine glass loaded with sugar-free coke

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  • Release on:2018-10-22
His red wine glass is not filled with red wine.

Cheers American President Trump's red wine glass loaded with sugar-free coke

Chinanews September 26th, the comprehensive foreign media reported that the 73rd UN General Assembly is being held in New York, USA, and US President Trump attended the conference. At the luncheon on the 25th, Trump made a toast to the world leader. However, in his red wine glass, not a red wine, but a large cup of sugar-free cola.

On September 25th, local time, the 73rd session of the UN General Assembly General Debate was opened at the UN Headquarters in New York. US President Trump spoke at the meeting.

The report said that at the luncheon on the 25th, Trump asked the waiter to pour a large cup of sugar-free cola in his red wine glass. He then raised his glass to make a toast.

At the luncheon, he told the world leaders, "The United Nations is like a family. Many of you are friends now."

Earlier on the 25th, Trump spoke at the general debate of the 73rd UN General Assembly, claiming that the United States was run by Americans themselves and opposed the idea of ​​globalism.

It is reported that Trump himself likes to drink cola very much. At the dinner of the UN General Assembly last September, Trump did not taste red wine, but drank a drink.

In addition, when Trump visited South Korea to attend the state banquet held in Cheong Wa Dae last year, he did not drink alcohol. Instead, he was smashing a cup of cola with the Korean president.

News source: China News Network
View source URL: http://www.chinanews.com/gj/2018/09-26/8636733.shtml

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