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Management Stories: Steel glass

Thinkxing Ruixinglass 2016-06-30 18:12:21
Management Stories: Steel glass



A farmer, junior high school and read the first two years, the family had no money to continue for his school. He dropped out of school to go home to help his father cultivated three acres Susukida. In his 19 years old, his father died, the family of the burden of all the pressure on his shoulders. He has to take care of poor health of the mother, and a grandmother paralyzed in bed.

steel glass



Eighties, farmland tenure. He dug into a puddle ponds, want to fish. But the village cadre told him, paddy fields can not fish, can grow crops, he had had the pond filled. It became a joke in the eyes of others, he is a want to get rich but very stupid people.

I heard that chicken can make money, he borrowed 500 dollars from relatives, raised from the chicken. But after a flood, the chicken had Newcastle disease, all died within a few days. 500 yuan for others what could not, rely on a three acres Susukida family life is concerned, nothing less than astronomical. His mother could not bear the stimulus, even depression and died.

He subsequently had stuffed wine, catch fish, too, and even help people played embrasure on quarry cliff ...... still can not make money.

35 years old, he did not marry a wife. Even divorced woman with children despise him. Because he had only a mud hut, may at any time after a heavy rain collapsed. Not to marry the wife of a man, in the countryside, no one think highly of.

But he wanted to give it a go, you borrow money to buy a tractor. Unexpectedly, less than two weeks on the road, tractor had to carry him into a river. He broke his leg became lame. And that tractor, was scooped been broken, he could only open it as scrap metal to sell.

Almost all of them say that he got a chance.

But then he became this city where I was the boss of a company, in the hands of two billion assets. Now, many people are aware of his past and suffering legendary entrepreneurial experience. Many media interviewed him many literature reports describe him. But I just remember such a plot.

Reporters asked him: in the days of suffering, how can you again and again without flinching?

He sat behind a large luxury boss Taiwan, finished in the hands of a glass of water. Then he put the glass child in her hand, asked the reporter: If I let go, this cup will happen?

Reporters said: fell to the ground, broken. Then we try. He said. He hands a loose cup fell to the ground crackled, but not broken, but intact. He said: Even if there are 10 people present, they will think that this cup will undoubtedly broken. However, this cup is not an ordinary glass, but glass steel production. So, I remember this wonderful classic dialogue. Such a person, even if only one breath, he will try to grab the hand of success, unless God stripped him of his life ......

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