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How to choose red wine glass size

Red wine glass size will affect the taste, if the glass cup body is too high, the surface of the wine from the nose too far, or the glass bell is too large, easy to inhale the outside air, then the cup appears in the aroma is weak; The ratio will also have an impact on the red wine, if the hemispherical cup, the cup body is short, the nose can be more close to the surface of the wine, the aroma is easy to find, but because the opening is too easy to inhale the outside air.

short stem wine glass

So only choose cup cup body height is moderate, big belly mouth, pour the amount of wine in the cup in the largest surface area, in order to give the maximum strength of aroma components volatile. Different shapes, red wine cup size, curvature of the red wine for the wine aroma and taste caused by the difference and great impact.

short stem wine glass

The ideal size of the red wine cup should be a cup of thin, colorless and transparent cup of the tulip cup. And must have four to five centimeters long cup feet, so as to avoid holding the cup with a hand, the temperature indirectly affect the wine temperature, but also easy to observe the color of wine. A good goblet, red wine glass size generally have 210 ~ 225ml capacity. Goblets legs should be high enough, feet to flat, cup body can not be too short.

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