> And champagne glasses that don't allow you to drink champagne?
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And champagne glasses that don't allow you to drink champagne?

Thinkxing RuixinGlass 2019-01-07 09:05:35
And champagne glasses that don't allow you to drink champagne?

Where there is happiness, there is champagne, it is true, the wedding of the couple, the party of friends, the joy on the podium, can be a new ship full of hope launched, rapidly exultant land carbon dioxide bubbles, always give a person hope, light, happy feeling.A well-shaped champagne tower is a must for every pie.

The coupe with delicate shape was especially popular in 1930s and 1960s. The lifting of prohibition in America increased the consumption of champagne, especially champagne.Hollywood stars pop champagne glasses in this style.Over the decades, this style of champagne glass has taken the world by surprise.

After the sixties, however, this kind of cup type gradually by the flute type cup (flute), people pay more attention to the quality and taste, found that dish champagne cup although modelling delicate, but weakness instead.

At first, the tiny opening of the glass allowed the air to come in contact with the champagne so much that the pleasant bubbles would quickly dissipate.Second, the wine glass is too deep to pour into more and more champagne, the aroma can not converge, also can not observe the bubbles.In the end, the way you hold the glass doesn't affect the temperature of the wine.

So, use this kind of cup to drink wine, the harm that brings to the quality of champagne is great, can say "champagne killer".Rather than flutes, I prefer to call him "champagne tower glass", a special glass for posing champagne tower.

Champagne flutes, which replaced saucers, were actually designed in the 19th century, but have been mainstream for decades.A slender glass will introduce more and more champagne, allowing you to watch the bubbles as they form.

Some of the highest pursuit of aroma, taste wine experts experience, to drink some more and low quality of champagne, and use a large tulip goblet, more and more small bowl can be more than enough air to release the fragrance of champagne, the design of the convergent aroma can accurately put together, to get the best taste.If you are more and more at the wine quality of champagne, suggest you use flute form, tulip champagne cup, but if you are the tool that needs to mobilize atmosphere only at the party, champagne tower cup is your not 2 choice, although it is champagne killer, but above at the party, who is what drink at what?