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You know several carcinogenic cups

Biao 2016-09-13 10:06:44

Three kinds of drink from a cup or carcinogenic

1, metal glass coffee eluted

Metal cups, such as stainless steel, the price is more expensive ceramic cup. Enamel cup metal elements constituting the condition under generally contained relatively stable, but in an acidic environment, it is possible dissolution for a cup of coffee, orange juice and other acidic beverages are not safe.

2, disposable cups or hidden potential carcinogen

Disposable cups just looks sanitary, convenient, in fact, the rate of qualified products can not judge, is clean, sanitary, and can not identify with the naked eye. From an environmental point of view, or should minimize the use of disposable cups. Some manufacturers of paper cups to make a cup look more white, adding a large number of optical brighteners. And is this fluorescent substance allows cells to mutate, once inside the body will become a potential carcinogen; secondly, those unqualified cups cup body are generally soft, easily deformed into the water, and some are poor sealing cups , bottom of the cup is easy to water seepage, which is very easy to hand scalded by hot water; What is more, when you lightly touch the inside of the cup, can feel above the stained thin powder, a touch of the finger will become white this is typical of low-quality paper cups.

3, the most vulnerable filth plastic cups

Plastic cups should also be unwelcome kind. Because the plastic often add a plasticizer, which contains a number of toxic chemicals, plastic cup of hot water or boiled water when toxic chemicals easily diluted in water, and the internal structure of microscopic plastic has many pores, wherein the hidden dirt, cleaning is not the net will be easy to breed bacteria. Therefore, in the purchase of plastic cups, be sure to select the line with national standards of food grade plastics made of glass.

The safest drinking cup:

1, glass
glass cup
In all material cup, glass but the most healthy. In the process of firing the glass does not contain organic chemicals, when people drink water or other drinks with a glass when chemicals need not worry about being drunk to go into the stomach, and the glass surface is smooth, easy to clean, and bacteria dirt is not easy to breed in Beibi, so people use glass water is the healthiest, most secure.

But although glass chemical-free and easy to clean, but because the thermal conductivity of glass, easy to make the user accidentally burn yourself, if the water temperature is too high, it may cause the glass to burst, the need to avoid costumes hot water.

2, no glaze painting ceramic cup

The preferred water-free glaze painting ceramic cup, especially in the inner wall to be colorless. Not only material security, to high temperature, as well as relatively good insulation effect, drink hot water or tea is a good choice.

Therefore, to health, to choose the right drink cups, cups careful cause disease hazards.

Extension: eight adults without a good wash wash cup bottom of the cup is very important

Cups we use every day, you may have to clean it every day? Where is the focus of cleaning, what cleaner is best? These seemingly simple problems are and health are closely related.

Cup each use if they can immediately wash the best, if it feels too much trouble, should be cleaned at least once a day, you can wash before going to sleep at night, then dry. When cleaning the glass, not only to clean cup, Beibi and bottom of the cup should not be ignored, especially the bottom of the cup, is often not clean, can precipitate a lot of bacteria and miscellaneous dirt. Professor remind female friends, lipstick not only contain chemicals and can easily adsorption in the air of harmful substances and pathogens, harmful substances into the body will drink water, so the remaining cup lipstick must be cleaned. Simply rinse water when washing the cup is not enough, the best brush with a brush. Further, since the detergent is an important component of chemical synthesis agent, should be careful, pay attention to rinse with water. To clean stained with a lot of greasy dirt or dirt cup of tea can be squeezed toothpaste on the brush, brushed back and forth in the cup. Since both toothpaste detergent, there are very fine abrasive agents, it is easy to wipe off residual material without damage to the cup.