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Quiet afternoon

2016-09-13 09:49:09
1. You can not go back to the past yet, how also to accept defeat, it has changed things. Since replacing the fragile glass or plastic cups, some broken, but it is not that began it leaks.

2. soaked roses and looking not to force a good mug, I want to replace the glass

3.6 February, left the glass with a cup of tea, accidentally green-dyed through the summer
Smoothie glass
4. quiet afternoon, nap brewing lemonade cups, KokoroYasushigo of light blue glass - snorts a person - this moment next to the king of the star, very beautiful ~

5. air is flapping in the cool of the face even a little, braved the cola steam, memories of childhood such as glass, cup glasses rain, and you try to pick up the sky now, as I feel like such a picture ,It started to rain. Old-fashioned pace from flying to the light.
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