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Classification of the glass cup

Thinkxing Ruixinglass 2016-06-20 10:58:32
Classification of the glass cup

The glass can be divided into single-layer glass, double glass, crystal glass, glass office Cup, glass cup, and so on.  Double-layer glass, as the name suggests, is at the time of making the glass into two layers, can play a role in thermal insulating and hot while in use.  

glass cup
Double glasses material is Pyrex glass, catering for food-grade glass, through more than 600 degree temperatures firing from, usually is made of borosilicate glass tube, inside and outside the pipe after technicians under the sealer and baked into, is a new type of environmentally friendly cups, more and more people of all ages.  
From style Shang points, Cup and Office Cup (with handles); 
From material Shang points, by with of Cup body pipe has general glass cup tube and crystal glass cup tube; 
From production process Shang points, has double has tail and double no tail, has tail double glass cup in Cup end of has a small drops points sample; no tail of glass cup is flat of, no more than points.   
Cup to distinguish from, standard Cup, tall glass (screen deeper, more rational design, drink against the filter) 
From the bottom of the Cup to distinguish ordinary thin bottom, thick with round bottom, thick vertical bottom, end of the Crystal.
Folding characteristics of double layer glass:
double glass cup
As a new product in the Cup, double glass cup drinking tea has become the best tea, particularly for brewing tea, tea set crystal clear, not only suitable for viewing and tea is the best.  While glass cup cheap, deeply general consumers of welcomes, glass cup has following advantages: 
1, and material: Cup body used quality high boron Silicon crystal glass pipe processing, transparency very high, resistance wear, surface smooth, cleaning easy, health health;
2, and structure: Cup body double insulation design, not only keep has tea temperature, also not hot, more convenient drinking; 
3, and process: by more than 600 more degrees high temperature fired and into, on temperature changes adaptability strong, easily burst.  
4, health: food grade standards, can hold 100-degree heat for hot water, tea, beverage such as carbonated, fruit acids, Malic acid erosion-resistant, no smell no odor.  
5, leak-proof: outer layer within the cover and seal in accordance with medical grade safety standards, effective leak.  
6, suitable for tea: green tea, black tea, Pu-Erh tea, jasmine tea, craft, such as tea, fruit tea, color panoramic view, enhance quality of life. 
7, customers can request advertising Cup, image mugs, promotional mugs, gift Cup, interior surface (sandwich) can be decorated, screen printed Logo custom design services.