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What is embossed glass cup

Embossed glass cup is also known as knurled glass. Embossed glass has a general embossed glass, vacuum coated embossed glass, color film embossed glass. Generally embossed glass is in the glass forming process, so that the plastic state of the glass through a pair of patterned pattern of roller, the glass surface continuous rolling from. Can produce single-sided embossed glass and double-sided embossed glass. 

embossed glass mugs

In the embossed glass pattern side, with the aerosol on the glass surface spray treatment, the glass can be light yellow, light blue, olive and so on. After spraying the embossed glass three-dimensional sense of strong, and the strength can be increased by 50% to 70%. As the general embossed glass surface uneven, when the light through the glass when there is no regular refraction, so embossed glass with light and not transparent features, and showed low transmittance, light transmittance of 50% to 70% The From the side of the embossed glass to see the other side of the object, the object seems blurred. Embossed glass can also be made into a certain color, so it has a good decorative. Vacuum coated embossed glass is processed by vacuum coating, giving a simple and elegant, beautiful fresh feeling, pattern three-dimensional sense of strong, and has a certain reflective performance, is a good interior decoration materials. Color film embossed glass is the use of organic metal compounds or inorganic metal compounds from thermal spraying. Color film color, ruggedness, stability are good. 

embossed glass mugs

This glass has a good heat reflection ability, and the pattern of three-dimensional pattern than the average embossed glass and stained glass stronger, giving a magnificent and luxurious artistic feel. General use of embossed glass when the pattern can be facing the room; as bathroom, bathroom doors and windows should pay attention to its face out.
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