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Champagne glass classification

Champagne glass classification

Drink champagne with a glass called Tulip or Flute, high body narrow mouth design, the role is to avoid the bubble dissipation. Pay attention to drinking before the glass is not frozen, this will destroy the bubble and wine.

Wide mouth champagne cup

Wide mouth champagne cup: generally in the grand occasion with the "Champagne pyramid" Although not suitable for goods champagne, but it is a lively drink method. It is said that the shape of the design is entirely based on the perfect queen of the French queen.

Tulip Champagne Cup

Tulip Champagne Cup: thin tulip type of high-footed cup, more by the female favorite, long bottle to bring people elegant and delicate feeling.

Champagne flute

Champagne flute cup: also slender type. But the former is the mouth narrow bottom wide, while the latter is narrow mouth narrow

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