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Red wine glass size introduction

  Red wine glass size and red wine bottle size, is also very particular about. Red wine glass has a lot of shape and size, but there is a rule of thumb is that the glass should be large enough, so there is enough space to shake the glass when the wine to avoid the overflow, the aroma can also be distributed in the cup and together. The size of the red wine cups, the standard cup type for the big mouth big cup, the so-called tulip cup, the more common is 180ml, 240ml, 360ml capacity. If it is 180ml, then the bottom is relatively large, pour the amount of wine is almost about 1/4 of the location. The function of the glass is mainly to keep the aroma of wine, so that wine can be rotated in the cup and fully integrated with the air.

Bordeaux Red Wine Cup

 The size of the choice of wine glasses depends on the specific circumstances of the wine may be.
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