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Do you know why people like to drink red wine from goblets?

  • Author:Hankxing
  • Source:RuixinGlass
  • Release on:2019-04-03
In life, we can see the wine glass everywhere, but only wine, seems to become even open a tall glass can not drink a existence.

So why do we drink wine in goblets?

There are the following reasons:

1. High appearance level:

Tall cup has long and thin handle, tall tall cup model, and compare with short and short and fat common cup, appearance level was tower above simply a state. Add to that the high level of appearance of the wine, which can only be matched by a tall glass with a high level of appearance.

2. Clinking glasses is convenient: most of the goblets are crystal cups, with light and thin texture and crystal clear walls. Give a person to bring a kind of jovial enjoyment, this also is ordinary cup cannot do.

3. More elegant grip: a goblet has a slender handle and only needs two or three fingers to hold the whole cup, while a normal cup needs the whole handle to hold the body or side of the cup. A goblet is more elegant than an ordinary cup.

4. Good for wine: goblets aren't designed to look like this just because they're horizontal.
Mainly in order to better avoid because of holding the cup belly, and change the temperature of wine, affect the taste of drinking.
Secondly, the crystal clear glass wall is helpful for us to better observe the wine color and hang liquor, and judge the quality of wine.

How's that? Is it true that there is so much knowledge in simple wine glasses?

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