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Glass of the usual maintenance work

Glass is recognized as the most healthy drinking cups, widely used in hotels, restaurants, glass and other places. In such a large use of the market, the glass maintenance work is the use of various units or individuals need to pay attention to the link. Now look at how we should go to the maintenance of the glass.
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1, the daily cleaning, with a wet towel or newspaper can be wiped in case of stains can be used towel dipped in beer or warm vinegar to erase, you can also use the glass on the market today, cleaning agents, avoid using acid-base Stronger solution is clean. Winter glass surface easy to frost, can be used cloth dipped in salt water or white wine to wipe, the effect is very good;
2, glass furniture is best placed in a more fixed place, do not move back and forth; to smooth the placement of objects, heavy objects should be placed on the bottom of glass furniture to prevent the furniture center of gravity caused by tipping. In addition, to avoid moisture, away from the stove, with acid, alkali and other chemical reagents isolated to prevent corrosion and deterioration;
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3, usually do not force the collision glass surface, to prevent scratches on the glass surface, the best covered with tablecloths. Put things in the glass furniture, it should be gently, avoid collision;
4, a pattern of frosted glass once dirty, can be dipped in a toothbrush with detergent, wipe along the pattern can be removed circularly. In addition, you can drop the glass on the kerosene or chalk and gypsum powder dipped in water coated on the glass to dry, and then clean cloth or cotton, so that the glass is clean and bright;
5, the use of plastic wrap and a spray of detergent with a damp cloth can often soaked with oil stained glass re-shiny.
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Timely glass cup maintenance work, to some extent extend the cup life, while the cup of bright luster will bring a good mood.
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