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Spray carving, stained glass

2016-09-26 08:58:48

Spray carving, stained glass

Spraying glass carving and stained glass is where art and technology as one of the decorative products, spray carved glass sculpture and a flat-screen three-dimensional sculpture can be carved out hierarchical birds and flowers, landscapes and other patterns on the glass surface, it can be made bright flowers Mao Mao bottom and bottom bright flower layout. It is made with glass furniture, handicrafts partitions,

Different Types hand painted drinking glasses wholesale 
screens, murals, and other products for interior decoration to create an atmosphere of Bach, is a hotel and restaurant within the family decoration excellent material. It also can be made into large chandelier lamp piece.

Different Types hand painted drinking glasses wholesale
Stained glass is a kind of decorative glass, which depicts various patterns on a transparent glass plane and on the vibrant variety of colors. It can bring out the bright and colorful ornaments inside the building structure.