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what is a patterned glass?

2016-09-28 08:54:03

what is a patterned glass?

Patterned glass also known as pattern glass, or rolled glass, a kind of flat glass is manufactured using the rolling method, manufacturing processes are divided into single-roll method and dual-roller method. Single-roll method is the glass melt calendering table, countertops can be made from cast iron or cast steel, engraved pattern or roll,


whisky glass
 roll on the glass surface rolling Made of patterned glass and then into the annealing Lehr. Double roller method in the production of glass are divided into half continuous rolling and continuous rolling process, by water glass a pair of rollers, rollers rotate forward to annealing kiln General roller embossing patterns on the surface, 
Colored glass cup
roll on polished rolls to make single-sided pattern patterned glass. Physicochemical properties of patterned glass with transparent flat glass and the same, only on the optical characteristics of transparent opaque, soft light And the depression the private sequestering and certain decorative effect.