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Glass bowl and Glass containers in the microwave safe?

Thinkxing Ruixinglass 2016-05-18 18:31:13
Glass bowl and Glass containers in the microwave safe?
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More "bring your family" glass bowl ". 

The Association has issued a call for hope consumers in choosing glassware clear understanding of the material and avoid glass containers burst when heated at high temperatures to hurt, "the killer in the kitchen". 
Yesterday we found in glassware for sale currently on the market, bearing temperature, use heat-resistant glass identified a handful of products, and other commodity-related material and use the identity of missing and unclear status. 
china glass bowl supplier
Consumers are not aware of the existence of "High temperature resistance of glass" 
"tempered glass strong earthquake", "Super heat-resistant temperature resistance", yesterday, a reporter in a hypermarket in taopu road sees a brand of glass outer wall also be printed on the labels of these two labels. "
Glass bowls and glass boxes of the same brand is also printed on the outer packaging" tempered glass "and" microwave application "logo. "In my opinion, tempered glass is falling heat-resistant, never knowing or ' heat-resistant glass on this thing.         
"Members of Ms Li said. Taobao search "glass box", you can find many brand goods. Some of the items are printed on the outer box and ontology "Pyrex" message, 
but also mark the maximum temperature that can be adapted, ranging from 400 to 520 c, the price of this commodity to at least 38 Yuan each. Another commodity-importing, packing only a Korean or English, jewelers said the material for the "heat-resistant tempered glass" like the price and. Also called themselves "has a very high resistance tempered glass" goods, the lowest price for only 12. 
china glass bowl supplier
"Heat resistant glass" "tempered glass" actually reminded of the two materials according to the Association
Consumers can contact in daily life to a glass of ordinary glass, tempered glass, and heat-resistant glass in three categories.
Glass Association of China Vice glass enamel, said, tempered glass limited thermal shock resistance, heat-resistant glass has good resistance to high temperatures and variations of temperature-resistance to thermal shock characteristics, can be used directly in the microwave or oven.       
The reminder also pointed out that does not exist on the current domestic market "tempered glass" or "heat-resistant tempered glass" products, heat-resistant glass products should be indicated by using the temperature and the use of identity, tempered glass when it is heated there may be a risk of bursting. 
It is reported that the glass Association of China has worked out the management measures of heat-resistant glass to use coal, be implemented in China add to stick the marking of heat-resistant glass working.
china glass bowl supplier

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