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Type of glass bottle design

Biao 2016-09-09 10:03:06

With the ever-changing wine market, high-end wine prices continue to increase, so the bottle packaging is also more and more attention to high-end decorative glass bottle design

Technology has become increasingly beautiful. There are glass bottles Kao Hua, spraying, paste and other forms in the production process. DECORATED process is a surface treatment technology in glass bottles

Surgery, plastic decals directly attached to the good milk blown glass bottles, a conveyor belt into the baking furnace, the heating zone, hot zone, the cooling zone after baking,

Opal glass bottles can be made into beautifully colored patterns.

Like tasting some people also like the collection of wine, in addition to wine, some wine bottle glass technology also attracted people's attention, after drinking wine, but also

In these processes as a bottle of fine furnishings. So far, craft glass bottle design what type it? The following time wealth Witkey

Network with your work together to understand.

1, round glass bottle. Bottle circular cross section, is the use of glass throughout most of the bottle, this bottle of high strength, fit people use habits.

2, square glass bottle. A square cross-section of the bottle, the bottle strength than round bottle low and difficult to manufacture, use it less, not just hand the rest of the square bottle is not

Caution will constitute shot. Inspection glass plate. If the first appearance quality introspection flatness, observe whether the bubbles, mix material, scratches, spots and fog lane

And other defects, such defects in the glass, in use will be deformed, will reduce the heat invariance glass transparency, mechanical strength and glass,

The project should not be optional. Since the glass is transparent objects in the selection via visual basic will be able to distinguish the quality of altercation.

3, the appearance of quality hollow glass brick does not allow cracks in the glass body does not allow You Qian Hemming not melt, does not allow fusion between the two vitreous

And poor bonding. Omo outer surface of the glass bricks in the mesh should be less than l mm concave, convex should be less than 2 mm, the weight should be consistent with quality standards, no warping and surface

Nicks, burrs and other defects, the angle to Gengzhi. Measured brick should not have ripples, bubbles and glass body of the attack is not homogeneous layered stripes. bottle

Body and the lid seal. That depends on the credit cap gasket, and the bottle cap gasket between the cover and glass bottles, the results of the first play sealed.

4, glass bottles into high white, crystal white, white & P as well as colorful cream bottles and bottles of wine chosen what kind of bottles, such as Maotai a lot of cream

Bottles, liquor bottles with a transparent glass. The beer bottles with colored.

5, oval glass bottle. Oval cross-section, although smaller capacity, but the appearance together, the user is also very like.

6, curve-shaped wine bottles. Although the circular cross-section, but the tendency was at the height of the curve, there are two kinds of concave and convex, such as vases type, hoist, etc., other methods

Consistent, very popular with users, such as: Coca-Cola bottle curve, it has become a classic, but also for the expansion of Coca-Cola has made no small contribution.

Technology bottle design is an art of space, with a variety of materials and processing methods to create three-dimensional images in space. Outer glass bottle

Table can let people appreciate the artistic value of Chinese wine culture. If your business requires specialized bottle packaging design, design bottles, beer bottle design

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