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How is a glass cup made?

Thinkxing Ruixinglass 2016-05-17 12:04:54
Red wine making Artificial blow blowing machines of difference: 
how is a glass cup made
Appearance differences: 
Mechanism of product-see Basic is completely out of products on the market, shape single style less than bulky, poor product line, glass is combined with the bottom in the transition is stiff, but the product sizes of good without bubbles and water, strong bad. 
Mouth blown products--prescribed products are complemented by a variety of decorative, styling changes, rich in color and style, more light products, product flow good linearity, revealing beauty products designed to keep up with market trends, to give consumers more choices, to best meet the personalized consumer advocates, there are air bubbles and water ripples, good firmness. Hand-made, with subtle stripes and a few bubbles and the nuances of black and white points and decorative material, glass bubbles and streaks are artificial and mechanism of one of the most important differences, and collector identified strong evidence of no collection value. 

Production difference: 
Mechanism--for machine production line, high yield, usually a medium line output can reach tens of thousands of even a hundred thousand of, but there is no content of manual skills. 
glass cup made
Mouth blown product--every aspect of production of each product are completed by hand, lower yield, typically each production per day were hundreds of, but every product contains a craftsman is the unique technology and uncompromising power. 

Value difference: 
Mechanism--a low value and more consumers use, lack of appreciation. 
Mouth blown--product is of higher value, in addition to basic functions, in the course of using, add a lot of pride, elegance, special amenities. 

Market differences: 
the mechanism of products--mainly object-oriented mass consumption occasions and low prices. 
Mouth blown product--mainly for household consumption, especially by a widely-followed consumer groups in individual consumption, fashion.

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