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What's the difference between a red wine glass and a champagne one

Usually, red wine glass has bigger mouth and bigger cup.

red wine glass

A small opening of a white wine glass. The cup is smaller too.

The champagne glass is long and thin

wine stemware

The width, length and diameter of the cup cup of the cup, and the cup wall thickness will have a subtle influence on Wine flavor, the first contact with the taste of the cup shape determines the Wine entrance, out along the glass cup slightly, can make the wine guide to sweetness in the district; cup cup, can make wine to the middle of your tongue to taste, will present two different taste. Therefore, according to the individual 
characteristics of the wine, the cup is roughly divided into several types.

Here are the characteristics of different wine glasses ~!
1. Bordeaux (Bordeaux) red wine glass: a longer cup, narrow mouth, suitable for the smell of wine gathered in the cup mouth. The Bordeaux cup is also suitable for other than red burgundy Wine outside, because most of the Wine cup is according to the style of the Bordeaux to do.

2. burgundy red wine (Burgundy): the body of the lower cup, cup belly is wide, the cup is large, suitable to put your nose into a.

3. white wine glass: the body is longer, the cup belly is thinner, like a tulip to be put, white wine glass than red wine glass to be thinner, in order to reduce the wine and air contact, make the aroma more lasting.

4. Champagne Cup: cup body slender, like a slender tulip, slender cup body is to let the bubble have enough room to rise, the standard Champagne Cup has a sharp concave point at the bottom of the cup, this small design, can make the bubble richer and more beautiful. Champagne glass can also be used to hold ice wine, but the Champagne Cup has a smaller opening, which will weaken the aroma of icewine.

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