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Champagne Saucer Glass Uses

2017-10-21 09:40:06
Champagne Saucer Glass Uses,Early champagne glass, can be called champagne dish cup or bowl cup, with a shallow and open large diameter cup. The main purpose of its design is to celebrate or wedding occasions, easy to stack the champagne cup into a tower, so that champagne liquor can flow along the glass tower to each cup. This cup type in the club, convenient waiter will be champagne to each guest's table. At that time the sweet champagne is more popular, but now do not sweet dry champagne more taste by the taste of human favorite, open cups so that bubbles dissipate faster, even with delicate and elegant aroma is gone, so this cup type It gradually lost the market.

champagne saucer glass uses

There is also an interesting statement, known as champagne dish cup special bowl-shaped design, is the Queen Mary, or Pang Piedo wife's chest as a model. And in fact this cup type, as early as these celebrities before the birth of 100 years on the listing, indicating that these statements are only baseless assertions.

Tulip champagne cup and saucer champagne cup What is the difference:

glass champagne glasses

Tulip Cup is mainly used for daily champagne drinking. Because it has a long cup, you can leave a long space to keep the aroma of champagne near the cup. At the same time, the wine bubble also has a relatively long upside, drinking champagne when the perception and fun have improved.

The disc cup is mainly used for banquets, ceremonies when stacked champagne tower. It is big cup, cup body flat, easy to stabilize the stack. Pouring wine, you can also let the champagne even smooth and smooth to the lower glass to go.