> How to clean a wine decanter with rice
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How to clean a wine decanter with rice

2017-10-21 14:06:35
How to clean a wine decanter with rice,The sober is the name suggests is to sober up, only to wake up the wine, to produce the most beautiful taste. The use of the sober is not repeated here, the focus is about how to clean the wine after drinking wine. As the awakening of a unique shape, neck thin, big belly, the hand is no way to reach out, how should we clean it? The following Xiaobian will offer a simple way to solve these problems.

how to clean a wine decanter with rice

In fact, the most commonly used method is to use the beads in the cocktail to stir to achieve the purpose of thorough cleaning. You can according to their own preferences from the following entries to choose their own tools and methods. Next, follow the steps below to clean and disinfect the sober.

First, clean the waiter before the need to prepare the items
There are many combinations of tools needed to clean the sober, and one or more of them can be selected from the following:
1, washing liquid categories: white vinegar and water, detergent and water, dentures clean effervescent tablets and water, baking soda and water, lemon juice;
2, beads items: rice, steel balls, coarse salt, sand (this must be careful, may cause the wall appears scratch), crushed ice;
3, water;
4, detergent;
5, disinfectant
6, bottle brush.

how to clean a wine decanter

Second, the specific steps to clean the waiter:

1, first rinse with water rinse, will be inside the residual liquid removal;
2, into the washing liquid. If necessary, in the sober and into a little water;
3, to the waiter to add beads items;

4, shake the sober, so that the washing liquid can fully contact the inner wall of the sober;

5, so that the washing solution can be soaked for several days, and regular shaking;

6, once the role of washing liquid, will dissolve the inside of the wall stains. And then stir the beads with objects, you can rush down the stubble of the inner wall, while taking the dissolved stains;

7, to determine the inner wall of the sober has been removed stains, the beads can be poured out of goods, and then soapy water cleaning (especially the use of lead and steel balls);

8, wash the neck of the container with a bottle brush, while brushing the bottom of the soaking device as much as possible;
9, rinse with water;

10, into the sober into the water, and add a small amount of disinfectant. Soak for 15 minutes, 
then disinfect the solution.

11, pour out the disinfectant solution, then rinse with water.

other suggestions

1, stains thoroughly removed before, do not join the disinfectant. Disinfectants can remove stains, but they can not be removed;

2, if only ordinary cleaning, as long as there is no obvious staining, you can wash the soap and water with a simple wash, and then the common grain items (rice) can be stirred;

3, if the bottleneck of the waiter is shorter, then the bottle brush on the fold, you can easily brush the edge of the bottom of the bottle;

4, the above cleaning methods for cleaning vases and other fine neck containers the same applies.