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easily solve the problem of maintenance of glass ornaments home

2016-09-21 09:59:27

A particularly hot summer, instantly refreshing, to create and to use a part of the glass trinkets crafted lovingly to decorate your home, and sometimes cool, but the atmosphere of the unexpected romantic results can do. 

Cold water pot

Fresh glass trinkets

Many of the people, glass vase, glass candle holder, such as glass arts and crafts, to use some of the trinkets crafted glass lovingly to decorate your home , or any place to place some of the other small ornaments in the home, to decorate, the room is comfortable, which was decorated with a fresh, especially in hot summer, sometimes cool romantic results but unexpected, you can create the atmosphere. 
Cold water pot set
Beautiful mosaic glass, we go home to become a romantic
Hangzhou, decoration company of designers and art glass screen, pointed out as decorative wall, displays the rear wall and room divider, but it has become a great artistic expression space of great material house. Especially in the summer of renovation market, skillfully using some of the glass ornaments, home will be more agile and fresh. Luxury made door mirror of glass painting, the walls of the mirror and the mirror lens is added the elegant and refined atmosphere in the room.
In his view, if a transparent glass is always room to have the entrance of the glass, people entering the room to enter the situation, such as the dream, it gives the infinite of fancy. In addition, in order to create this as a sense of mystery, it brings a depth, breaking the cramped space, the corridor, you can paste a piece of glass at the end of the cool paint pattern imitation "light box" effect.
Summer home decoration of all the glass and the family maintenance
In addition, glass is also, it can be shut off from the space. If you study and have been a lot of family connection in the living room, completely too it has not been cut so as to be open, to influence the installation of door efficiency research in learning, so you take the space, space congestion It seems to be. If you are using a screen made of stained glass, it not only plays a role in the separation of space, you can beautify the living room, a space for development.
Tips for creating a cool room

Ornaments of glass that has been carved in exquisite

First of 1: exquisitely carved glass decorative
, In the home in any location, such as ornaments display of glass liquid crystal also that some of the sculpture a vivid display romantic feeling has been subjected to, maybe it is, but does not have any practical application, your room It was created by the effect which is in a cool feeling.
The second means: the transparent container cool touch
Sheng fruit, salad containers, unique style, design a strong sense of transparency of the decorative, visual, you can choose the full tactile refreshing. 
Cold water pot
The third measure: manufacturing fishbowl Great seaside leisure outlets
Items that these exquisite carved in the dining room and living room are decorated with fresh its full strong sense of these transparent items, will be on their summer of family life, will create a more agile and fresh. If conditions permit, it is suddenly, can be placed in the living room of life, some of the beautiful plants and artificial hill that has raised some of the beautiful tropical fish were placed goldfish bowl at home, which has a tropical style you. Through the glass, feel the cool summer seaside, brings fun casual, it looked cozy and comfortable aquarium free shuttle, the inside of the lively little fish.
1, usually is covered with preferably tablecloth, so as not to damage the glass surface, it does not force the collision glass surface. In order to avoid the collision with the rest on the furniture of glass, put a gentle thing. 
Cold water pot
2, regular cleaning, wipe with can be wet towel or newspaper to be. In the case of the dirt, you can erase the warm towel rack strong acid cleaning solution soaked in beer or vinegar.
3, when the frosted glass of the pattern is dirty, you can remove the use wipe a circular pattern, toothbrush soaked in detergent. Alternatively, it is possible to drop the kerosene of the points on the glass and chalk, as the glass soaked in water in order to dry the gypsum powder coating on the glass becomes bright and clean, then, a clean cloth or cotton please wipe the.
4, glass furniture is placed in the best of relatively constant place, for there is no freedom to move back and forth, to have the object of a smooth place, to prevent the center of gravity caused by the furniture overturned heavy objects , it must be placed at the bottom of the glass furniture.