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Why break the glass will be hot water

Thinkxing Ruixinglass 2016-07-06 11:39:24
Why break the glass will be hot water
Why break the glass will be hot water



We all know that glass is the preferred healthy drinking water. But many people have experienced or seen news Shuitang glass is broken after wounding scene, little cup chopped trouble, hurt people is a major event. Why Shuitang glass is broken it? Now to tell you that this one works.



Glass of hot water will be broken,because of differential expansion of the glass. When the hot water into the cup, the inner and outer walls of the cup can not be simultaneously heated. What started as the cups are heated, and the outer wall remains in a cooled state, leading to the rapid expansion of the inner wall portion and the outer wall but maintain the status quo; it will be outside of the extreme pressure inside the glass breaketh. When hot water is poured into the cup, the cup's outer wall will not heat very different, and therefore do not produce strong pressure, the cup will not rupture.

Why break the glass will be hot water

That glass of hot water is there any way to install it is not broken do we do an experiment: lay edged teaspoon in a cup, then it will happen what circumstances?

Put a teaspoon in the cup, when water poured into the bottom of the cup when not enough time before the glass with hot (poor conductor of heat), heat a portion of the water will give a good conductor of metal teaspoon, therefore, water temperature reduced it from the boiling water into the hot water, there is nothing to impede the glass. As the water continues to pour into it, the cup is not so terrible, because enough time has been slightly with hot cup of.

Why break the glass will be hot water
In addition, to prevent glass breakage, you can also use the glass into the water to boil for 10 minutes, so the glass after uniform heating, no strong pressure, it will not lead to rupture of the cup; or You can also pre-installed water, rinse under hot water to put a little cup, then pour hot water, it also will not burst.

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