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Your water cup is what materials?

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  • Release on:2016-06-10
Your water cup is what materials?

water cup supplier

water cup supplier

Enamel, ceramic, plastic, or glass? Water and our lives, your water bottle safe?

Let us examine these glass material, see which is the most secure.

First is the enamel cup, after qiandu after high temperature enamel on enamel cups are made of lead and other harmful substances, easy to carry and cleaning, is relatively safe.

Second look at ceramic mug, ceramic mug is usually coated with a layer of glaze on the inside wall, when the glass is poured into boiling water or acid, high alkaline beverages, glaze some of the aluminum and other heavy metals easily precipitate dissolves in the liquid, and harm to human health. Why use ceramic Cup the best selection of ecru glass, do not use coated with glaze, colored glass.

And plastic cups to remove bacteria, not easy to wash because plastic surface may seem smooth, real its internal micro-structure there are many pore reservoir of dirt. Such as plastic cups, should be selected in accordance with the national standard of food grade plastic water cups.

Finally, glass, glass by firing from the silicate class, does not contain organic chemicals, so the glass cup is the most secure.

water cup supplier

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