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Luxury glassware brand

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  • Release on:2016-06-07
Luxury glassware brand

glassware brand

Johann Christoph Riedel1756-year founded luxury brand luxury glassware Riedel glassware brand, founder of the first generation of the Riedel was Johann Christoph Riedel, was born in 1678. 

His trade across the whole of Europe, and reached as far as Spain and Portugal. 

Trading revenue also comes from and benefits from long, arduous and dangerous journey.

Now, RuixinGlass is a new glassware brand.

Shenzhen Ruixin glassware company are a very professional glassware company,and have been in this field over 15years.

We have our head office in Shenzhen ,and have three factory ,one is located in Shenzhen too,another two factory are in Shanxi,which are the biggest hand painting factory in China too.

glassware brand

Add: 3rd Floor,12 building,3rd Row,Xinfa ,Shajing Town,Shenzhen,China
Tel: +86 755 8282 1572
Phone: +86 158 8965 3177
Website: http://www.glassware-suppliers.com

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