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Life knowledge of glass

2016-09-12 09:50:11

Life knowledge of glass

The composition of the chemical glass, the performance degradation sunlight very stable in the glass of the natural state, is not affected by the occurrence of rain and fog, normal pH glass also constitute a harm, we are to read is a clear chemical laboratory instruments I think when it becomes A.

Life of only two glass case under normal circumstances, will give moist air, the effect on the high temperature. Persistent moist air can Kabigarasu is, glass case of the fungus occurs very slowly at room temperature, the number under the normal use of the environment that exists in the air for the sake of it is normally a little moisture is several months it takes months so the glass is exposed to air which mold does not occur. Usually, Garasukabi in the overlapping glass storage processing, glass in humid warehouses and open dump rain will mold is likely to occur. Generally does Mase what steel than the original song of the glass through the easily tempered glass into the mold. 
Margarita glass
Heat burst factor, 300 ℃ temperature below, without taking into account the impact at all on the glass and chemical stability of life. However, 300 ° C. or higher with increasing temperature, physical and chemical properties of the glass will change with increasing temperature. From physical characteristics, general softening of the glass began at about 600 degrees. So that the glass transition is blurred gradually from transparent, from the chemical nature, the internal temperature of the glass, it can generate a crystallization phenomenon. Crystal transparent process to lose 700 ℃ in the case of glass, in the case where there is 300 ℃ may take several months or years, it takes a few days. In the case of room temperature, because the glass crystallization situation is blurred may require thousands of years, will not be able to think.
Glass of life 
Margarita glass
Physically strengthened glass alters the structure of the internal glass between molecules, heating, is then rapidly cooled, the chemical molecular structure of the glass surface is used in the steel at high temperatures by ion-exchange, these two methods microstructure you to change the glass material permanently. There is a high temperature, in the case of normal use steel characteristics unchanged over time, unless to strengthen the role of science, therefore, have been attenuated or changed.