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Why is the white wine cup smaller than the red wine glass

1. [Why is the white wine cup smaller than the red wine glass] Good wine and air in contact with the need to slowly wake up, big cup there is a benefit: you can rotate the glass, so that wine has more room to flow; white wine glass Red wine glasses are smaller, because the delicate white wine needs a cup of glass to "collect" the wine, and the thin wall is more sensitive than the thick wall of the cup.
white wine cup
2 son said: you use a white wine glass in the place for drinking red wine is to engage in what to drink beer!
Who will tell you to drink will drink? That drug is very able to sell medicine slightly? Sell ​​rice is a rice bucket slightly? I really want to huh, huh ... ... Having said that, the drink did not drink a little drink. Monday to see the customer, accompanied by leadership on Tuesday, Wednesday and the party every day all drunk, grow with each passing day is not only the amount of alcohol, as well as the volume ah! My left hand white wine cup, right hand small apple, I am afraid you do not 
red wine glass
4. At the moment, a total belief in the mouth of the times, but also an easy to get lost in the era. Once playing the guitar singing "far and poetry", and now talk about white wine glasses talk about "venture capital." Here, people only do one thing all day, that is, practice
5. Passing through a deserted park / park with a crab / stone crab / funny holding a white wine cup / holding a green bottle / crying / to / friends / let us drunk
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