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Wine tasting is a very particular knowledge

1. Wine tasting is a very particular knowledge, different varieties of wine and different types of wine with the wine in order to produce a distinctive flavor and mood, so there have been such as wine glass, beer mug, brandy and more A wide variety of wine glasses. To make wine more texture, a design sense of the glass is of course essential 
Cocktail glass

2. Cocktail glass,Beer Cup】 Cup lid design is the finishing point of the cup, full and expansion of the shape is like when the beer filled the whole cup and the overflow of the bubble, people at first glance will immediately feel a cup of fresh cold and full While the shape of the cup body is based on the traditional pineapple-shaped beer cup modeled, but a little fat, cute.
3. I leave the bike with a feeling of walking, always find the United States; today sat here for a whole afternoon; no birds called birds, cell phone music, watching the ants climbing in the feet, beer cup bubble A grain of blasting; temperature, sunshine, wind, air, everything is just right; I seem to have been smiling, like this simple and simple life!
Cocktail glass
4 this place at night, I like, no noise, but not too quiet, in the beer cup of the collision, the spread is not 6 6, but the sound of peanut shells broken, mixed with some do not understand Of the dialect made by laughter, and in the breeze to tell their own once the garden
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