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The glass of these categories, you know how many?

The glass of these categories, you know how many?

Glass in our lives has become an indispensable life tool. We are most familiar with the drink when the glass, mouthwash when the mouthwash glass
, Etc., often few people will go to understand the classification of glass. I do not know the glass is also divided into single-layer glass, double glass, water 
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Crystal glass, glass office cups, glass Koubei, and so on. Double glass, as the name suggests, is the glass in the production time is divided into two layers, in use can
Enough to play the role of heat insulation.

Double glass raw materials are high borosilicate glass, food grade food grade glass, after more than 600 degrees from high temperature firing, usually by the high borosilicate glass
Cup tube, the size of the tube inside and outside the technician in the sealing machine under the baked, is the new environmental cup, more and more people of all ages. 
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From the style points, cups and office cups (with handle);

From the production process points, there are two-tier tail and double-tail, double-bottomed glass in the bottom of the cup has a small drop-like; no tail glass is flat, no more than a point.

From the material points, the use of the glass tube with ordinary glass and crystal glass tube glass tube;

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From the cup on the distinction, a standard cup, high-mouth glass (deeper filter, the design is more reasonable, the water will not run into the filter)

From the bottom of the cup, ordinary thin, thick round bottom, thick straight at the end of the crystal bottom.
Folding, double-layer glass features

As a new product in the cup, double glass has become the best tea drinking tea, especially brewing various types of tea, tea crystal clear, not only suitable
In the viewing and tea the best results. At the same time cheap glass, welcomed by the vast number of consumers, glass has the following 

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1, structure: double-cup insulation design, not only to maintain the temperature of tea, not hot, more convenient to drink;

2, Material: Cup body with high-quality high-borosilicate glass crystal pipe processing, high transparency, wear-resistant, smooth surface, easy to clean, health and hygiene;

3, the process: more than 600 degrees from the high temperature firing, adaptable to temperature changes, not easy to burst.

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4, health: food-grade standards, can be in full bloom 100 degrees hot water, tea, carbonic acid, acid and other beverages, anti-malic acid erosion, odor is not odor.

5, leak-proof: cup inner layer and outer ring in line with medical-grade safety standards, effective leak-proof.

6, suitable for tea: green tea, black tea, tea, tea, tea technology, fruit tea, soup color panoramic view, enhance the quality of life.

7, Customized advertising cups, gift cups, image cups, promotional cups, etc., the inner surface (mezzanine) can Kaohua, silk screen Logo design custom services.
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