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Color-coded crystal glass

2016-09-21 10:03:15

1. Crystal clear natural water having a prismatic crystals.
2. amethyst, crystal of the family is the best of breed. Purple from red to purple color, "Grapes of color, Mitsuhide cute" is, of the February birthstone, honest, it has been regarded as a symbol of honesty and good-natured. 

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Yellow to dark yellow 3. Topaz is meant known of the stone are the species as "the Crystal Topaz."
Reference 4. Smoky quartz, the most smoke brown and yellow black crystals. In addition, when a person of brown, which is known as "citrine", a yellow smoke black was said, "Black Crystal" Our practice is called "Smokey"
5. "radar, was an increase of crystal.", Because with six radial star, it is also known, refers to the red to pink crystal, rose crystal
6. Jinhong Shifajin, transparent crystal-inch light reddish brown to golden color of the needle-like rutile inclusions
7. Electrical Shifajin, refers to the black to dark green needles tourmaline inclusions of transparent crystal. 
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Shea file Jin actinomycin light 8., very rare, transparent crystal is a treasure of rare gem, it means the inclusion of green needle-like actinolite in.
9. Watkins crystal, gold is naturally very rare gold transparent crystal inclusions, you have.
Rainbow-colored crystals and 10 rainbow-colored crystals.
11 flash Crystal, including mica, hematite crystal.
12. water bile crystal, varieties of visible liquid gas content of the crystal.
13. light-emitting crystal, of strong phosphorescent crystals.