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What type of glass cocktail glass?

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What type of glass cocktail glass?

cocktail glass

Cocktail beautiful and tasty, flavor and color are indispensable. To demonstrate the color cocktail, the first is to choose a suitable glass cocktail glass. What kind of glass cocktail glass? Here we work together to explore and learn.

1, Lee cup (Liqueurglass): Lee cup capacity only 1OZ, people drinking liqueur, cocktail or partially used cup, pure drinking tequila and other spirits at the time will be used. In the United States this Cup has been become Cordial.

Shot Glass (Shotglass): in the case when no ice except drinking brandy distilled liquor used by the cup, the cup capacity approximately in the range of 1-2OZ.

2, classical cup (Oldfashionedglass): in the case of ice when drinking distilled spirits used in the main cup, classic cocktails, Nigel Ronny etc. also will be used in this cup.

Cocktail glass (Cocktailglass): Also called martini glass, this cocktail is the most commonly used cup. Also using up short cocktail drink cups.

3, champagne (Champagneglass): champagne glass dish and divide tulip two. Champagne glass dish for a short drink, but drink slowly for tulip. Tulip cup cup is narrow, so that the aroma of the wine in the cup will be gathered easily dissipated.

4, red wine (Wineglass): divided into red wine glass of red wine and white wine glasses, while the shape of the different areas of red wine is not the same. And champagne glasses look like tulip wine aroma can also be good to gather in the cup.

5, Sherry cup (Sherrywineglass): drinking sherry and port wine primarily used cups.

Brandy cup (Brandysnifter): brandy glasses of wine cup cup feet low compared to larger cup belly. Since the product is necessary when drinking brandy who use their temperature to warm the wine, will produce brandy aroma. Thus lower brandy glass cup feet. At the same cup as tulip, but also to prevent the aroma of brandy quickly dissipated.

6, Colin cup (Collinsglass): Colin cup capacity is 12OZ, and other major Singapore Sling cocktail used in this cup. There is another name TallHighballglass.

7, lob cup (Highballglass): golf cup is to hold the GinTonic, Fizz-style cocktail cup capacity 8-10OZ by morphology can be divided into legless cups and goblets. Bikelinsi cup Shaoai, wider.

8, Margaret cup (margaritaglass): one kind belonging cocktail cup, do Margaret Series cocktail special glasses.

9, Ireland mugs (Irishcoffeeglass): This cup capacity 8-10OZ, and have a variety of shapes.

10, a hurricane glass (Hurricaneglass): Common tropical cocktail with cups, such as tequila sunrise will be used this glass.

Saw what kind of glass cocktail glass, cocktail understanding seemed to deepen the level. Wine and wine glasses, like a pair of couples, dependent phase, indispensable. If you like a cocktail, we must also appreciate different glass cocktail glass.

cocktail glass

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