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Pressed glass bottles processes and mechanisms distinction

  • Author:Thinkxing
  • Source:Ruixinglass
  • Release on:2016-06-28
Pressed glass bottles processes and mechanisms distinction

What kind of glass containers and Technology respectively, for these two modes of production yet.

Pressed glass technology is that the inner wall of the container to be straight up and down, not bent portion, and the external can be irregular or carvings, plus handles.

The production process for the liquid directly into the glass from inside the guide trough mold, pressing the punch direct role in the pressure punching, and then open the mold (artificial mold and mold automatic machine, etc.), with manual or machine bottle jaw after living in a baking glass turntable, baked into the annealing furnace after the second annealing, it can be tested packaged.

The process is the mechanism of glass: pipelining glass blowing process is the pressure can be blown into a glass container bottle diameter greater than the diameter of the bottle is blow after two pressure process, the machine structure more complicated than repression.

Liquid glass fall through chutes prototype mold, after the first flutter flutter gas gas, the formation of the embryonic form of the bottle after bottle clamp die flip fall mold, then pressed a second blow blowing head to form a complete glass bottle shape, by conveyor belt to the secondary annealing furnace annealing, came out, you can test packaging.

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