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What's so good about a crystal wine glass?

  • Author:Hankxing
  • Source:RuixinGlass
  • Release on:2019-05-15
What's so good about a crystal wine glass?

Crystal wine glasses are not made of the natural crystals that we often wear or look at. Because the hardness of natural crystal is relatively high, the hardness reached 7.0, it is difficult to process manufacturing. So what we call crystal wine glasses is actually crystal glass. But in the light and look, has been close to the natural crystal.

So what's so good about a crystal wine glass?

Clear: crystal has better light transmittance than glass, and refracts light better. The color of the wine in the glass looks more pleasing.

Thin and light: crystals are much harder than glass, so the walls are much thinner and the glass is much lighter.

Sound crisp: clink glasses will have a clear sound, sound loud and pleasant sounds of the wind, long echo.

Condensed aromas: the walls of a crystal wine glass are not completely smooth and are made up of many small facets that allow the wine to remain in the glass for longer without being easily dispersed.

Faster decanting: with lots of small cuts in the wall, there's more room for the wine to be exposed to air, speeding up the oxidation process and thus decanting much faster.

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