> Eight big red wine glass brands, relying on them to improve the force!
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Eight big red wine glass brands, relying on them to improve the force!

Hankxing RuixinGlass 2019-07-04 16:56:10
Hero with BMW, good wine with good cup
The world of wine, just collecting good wine is not enough
It’s not enough, just see what cup you take out and drink the most directly
The following are the world's most classic 8 wine glasses brands, one can not do it.


The Austrian Riedel is the world's most professional and is the most famous manufacturer of wine glasses and Decanter. It is considered to be the top and most professional wine glass brand, and is known as the “Rolls Royce in the glass”.
As early as 1673, Johan Christoph Riedel was born in a small town called Bohemian in Austria. He is the founder of today's centuries-old company. In the long history of the rolling, every RIEDEL heir has contributed all their talents and efforts to the success and glory of this enterprise.

Short St. Visa

In 1872, the luxurious crystal glass manufacturer St. Visa of Germany was founded in ZWIESEL, the town of the same name in the same town in eastern Bavaria, Germany. As early as 600 years ago, craftsmen began to focus on the development and production of crystal glass in this holy land full of high-quality raw materials. Concentrate on life and become a world-famous glass manufacturing process.

In 1991, St. Visa pioneered lead-free crystal glass and established a leading position in the industry. Its innovative TRITAN® technology produces 100% crystal glass without lead and other heavy metals, and has the same high quality lead crystal glass.

Poetry cup

The Swiss wine brand Spiegelau (Poetry Cup), which is more than 500 years old, is the first manufacturer in the world to have LGA certification.

The crystal cup is made of patented Platinum technology and is used in a laboratory with 1,500 cycles of washing in a professional dishwasher to achieve a high-performance wine glass that combines beauty, functionality and durability. Red wine glasses, champagne glasses and decanters are the brand's signature works. Even after repeated washings, the brightness, color and brilliance are still famous for their crystal clearness.

Bow and Arrow C&S

Chef & Sommelier was created by the Bow and Arrow Group and was formerly known as Mikasa. This brand cup uses Kwarx, a 100% colorless material that is as transparent as crystal, but is generally hard with tempered glass. It does not affect the color and taste of the wine at all. The classic cup type is the Oenologue Expert, designed by the 1991 winemaker Dany Rolland. The wide bottom of the cup allows the air to blend well with the wine.


Libby was founded in 1818 in East Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, formerly known as New England Glass. In 1888, the company moved to Toledo, Ohio, and in 1892 it was named Libby Glass. For nearly two centuries, Libby has designed, produced and marketed glassware. Libby has acquired the US Syracuse Ceramics Company since 1995, Royal Leerdam in the Netherlands, Crisal in Portugal, Crisa and World Tableware in Mexico, and wholly-owned construction and production of the Libby China factory. Libby has become the second largest glass in the world. Manufacturer of utensils (according to estimates).

Le Meiya

The materials of the French Luminarc tableware are all made of tempered glass. Whether it's a modern transparent collection, or a white jade glass with a traditional aesthetic and stylish design, Luminarc's tempered tableware can be used in the practical art of the table with its simple shape, excellent quality and excellent performance. Leading you to pursue a higher quality of life.


The history of Baccarat dates back to the 1764 Louis XV period. At the time, Louis XV licensed Metz Louis de Montmorency-Laval to build a glass factory in the eastern French town of Baccarat. From the beginning, Sainte-Anne became the birthplace of France's famous glass manufacturer. In 1816, the industrialist Aine-Gabrield’Artigues bought a glass factory and named it Baccarat, which was converted into a crystal product.


Lucaris is an Asian crystal producer and the only world-class crystal cup in Asia. The factory in Japan and Thailand combines the cutting-edge technology of Germany to form this hand-blown crystal cup. The special feature is the seamlessly connected cup handle, which enhances the appearance and reduces breakage. The classic cup type has Shanghai Soul. This is a series inspired by Shanghai, with a long cup handle and a spacious cup belly, suitable for all top wines.