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Red wine glass culture

  • Author:Hankxing
  • Source:RuixinGlass
  • Release on:2019-04-08
Red wine glass

People who really drink know the importance of the glass. The color, aroma and taste of the wine vary with the shape, size and thickness of the glass.

In principle, every wine should find a suitable cup, but for daily use, this arrangement and combination is too tedious and pedantic.

The body of the cup that holds wine is open, cup mouth shows different degree to contract, the aroma that preserves wine in the cup, when tasting, nose is buried in cup mouth, can smell the full-bodied wine fragrance that fills in whole small space.

Different cup is right the effect of wine aroma and flavour is very apparent, although the person that just begins to drink can experience, but should taste the difference on getting flavour, need again a bit more practice.

The aroma that crystal cup and glass bring and mouthfeel can have nuance, its reason basically is the roughness degree of both surface differs and cause.

Besides, the difference between handcraft and mechanism is mainly psychological feelings -- the feeling of holding a hand-made crystal wine glass and a cup taken down from the assembly line will certainly be different, and the price of hand-made cups is definitely a luxury.

Therefore, it is particularly important to pay attention to when washing the glass must hold the cup, not to pinch the foot of the cup, or a gently turn, the valuable crystal cup is easy to fall to the ground broken.

No matter how noble the wine glass is, it still needs to wait for the choice of wine humbly.

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