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Summer drink to master skills, with a glass cup of water the most healthy

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  • Release on:2016-05-20
With a glass cup of water the most healthy

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The hot summer months we all know to drink plenty of water, but what to drink, what time to drink a lot of people don't know, once you have the water principle, will make the body really is replenished.

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Master of water four principles

1: drink a glass of water at a time. Truly effective method of drinking water, refers to the breath of a whole glass of water (200 ml to 250 ml) down, rather than help yourself to two, so that it can truly absorb the body. 
2: drink good quality water. You can choose high quality mineral water, pure water, mountain spring water. 
3: drink warm water. Summer many will choose to drink ice water. Ice water actually bad for the stomach function, drink warm water is more useful, because it helps the body to absorb. 
4: high-temperature heat, exercise, fever, excessive sweating occurs, you need to add more water.

With a glass of water the most healthy

For their own health, and reduce the waste of resources, should try to use glass, ceramic, stainless steel products, and reuse, use less disposable plastic cups and paper cups.    
Using a glass cup of water, transparent not only look good, but in all materials, the glass cup is the most healthy, in the process of firing does not contain organic chemicals.    
Second Optional ceramic mug, ceramic mug is made by thousands of degrees of heat after vitrification, does not contain harmful substances such as lead, safe to use, but colorful ceramic cup not because of paint containing lead and other toxic heavy metals expert good. 

Required when you use disposable paper cups, the first glass of water and do not drink. Boiled and water drained after four or five minutes, so that harmful substances in paper cups full of volatile. Supercooled or superheated water, alcoholic or acidic beverages such as dress should not use disposable paper cups.

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