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Thousands of years of Chinese culture of glass, how much do you know?

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  • Release on:2016-05-30
Thousands of years of Chinese culture of glass, how much do you know?

Glass-making technology has thousands of years of Chinese culture. Archaeological discoveries show that Iraq Asmar unearthed pieces of glass from about 4,300 years ago. Glassware is about 3,600 years ago in Mesopotamia. Ancient glass in the West has been dominated by soda-lime glass, good resistance to temperature, strong adaptability to quench hot. Dating back 2,600 years ago, glass-making technology in Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean coast is very popular, its glass products through the Western region (modern Xinjiang) passed to China.

Zhou dynasty:
More than 3,100 years ago in the Western Zhou period at the latest, we began to master the first glass manufacturing technology. In Luoyang, Henan province Zhuang Chun ditch, Baoji, Shaanxi ru Jia Zhuang and other places in the early Western Zhou dynasty tombs and have found a lot of glass tubes, glass beads etc. The first glass probably occurred in the late spring and Autumn period. To cite an example, Yue Gou Jianjian, its case both surfaces there are inlaid with more bubbles of light blue glass. Only two pieces left. This piece of glass without lead, potassium only glass. Fuchai, the sword also has an embedded piece of glass, but is transparent. Both sword, coincidentally used glass as a decorative, visible when the glass is a precious rare substance. Only a Royal nobility to use. The warring States period were well-known glass Dragonfly eye, real lead-barium glass is in the warring States period. There are glass wall, glass ornaments, glass seals. During this period most of the glass in the form of mosaic as a utensil, less independent.

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