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How to identify moldy glass

Biao 2016-09-10 09:58:18

A glass moldy phenomenon
1, white mist, white point: due to storage time, humidity or air quality problems in the glass surface of the glass appear the slightest moldy.

2, sulfur becomes: Exterior Features Glass mold and mildew slightly different, but the basic components of the glass surface of the mold has been etched into the glass inside, is a serious mildew.
3, Rainbow: When the mist, white spots appear for a long time not treated, will form the rainbow, when the moldy just stay on the glass surface, no corrosion into the glass inside.
4, the paper printed: sulfur and becomes like moldy glass external and internal, is a serious mildew.
Second, moldy identification and inspection methods
House said that the visual appearance of the morphology method is the most simple and feasible method. Both in the concentration of light, the sample was placed in the reflected light and transmitted light was observed in the glass surface without spots and mist. These spots and mist will not rub with a cloth or water. Glass above phenomenon, showing a sample moldy. If the concentration of light, visually observed few minor spots and mist was moldy. If the concentration of light, the naked eye to a lot of spots and mist was a moderate mold. If, in the beam irradiation is no centralized, visual observation of some spots and mist is a serious mildew.